Commericals and a clean house

Look, idontgiveacrap about buying a new car, what kind of cell phone service is available or even what is on sale at the local hardware store. 

Commericals. What is the point of them? They are a big interruption to my favorite show! The program needs them as a sponsor to get the show on the air! 


My solution? I pick up, clean up and get things done! Ans what do I miss? A three minute spot that tired to sell me on a local eatery I will never go to, feminin products I will never use or a destination I have no interest in ever visiting. 

Laundry is started. Dishwasher is loaded. The trash is taken out. A few shirts are ironed. 

idontgiveacrap about commercials on broadcast tv. So, i used the time to get the things done I needed to! 

-idontgiveacrap team

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