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This blog is for you.

I know you don't know me but I saw you today and I thought I would offer some advice. Some small things that would make a huge difference in your life. I know you don't need any 'advice' right now but..well, if someone would have shared with me what I am about to share with you before I had to learned it myself, I would be years ahead! 

There are only 2 rules to life: 

Rule number 1: idontgiveacrap And never forget that. People all around you are going to throw obsticles in your way. At some point in your life, your just have to stand up and say 'idontgiveacrap'! Be confident. Be yourself. Be your best. It's your life and only you will be held accountable. 

Rule number 2: When in doubt, refer to rule 1. 

My mother has always been there and the very reason for me bringing this site to life. I want to share the caring and drive you showed me. During this time in your physical rehab, your drive still shines through. Your confidence is your power.       -Todd (idontgiveacrap.com)

- Todd

2/1/2019 Life is Draining

Life is draining. That is what I thought today as I delt with crap for  the fithteenth billionth time before even my morning pot of coffee was consumed. (That reminds me, I need to order more coffee.) I had to stop and wonder who out there had far worse situations to deal with. 

My teenager is, well, being a teenager. (Was I this bad to my parents when I was her age?) 

My ex has sent me another twisted email. (Can't she just be nice..every now and again, maybe?)

I need to finish my taxes. (Refund? Why do they call it a 'refund' when its my money to begin with?)

That pile of dishes! (We ate out yesterday for dinner..why is the so many dirty dishes?)

My iphone battery is draining so quickly! Life is so draining. 

I called my mother. She told me how good she was doing in physical rehab. How she is relearning how to get into a bed with a pull bar. How she took a 40 foot supported walk down the hallway. She said was relearning how to do things she took for granted before. 

By the end of the day, my teen and I made homemade bread from scratch. I silently thanked God for my ex blessing me with such a sweet child. I almost finished my taxes (what is this? software says 'form not available? Seriously?!). And the dishes are drying on the counter (dishwasher died a couple years ago). 

Thank you, mom.